From our beginnings, it was our company philosophy that any product shown on our website would be available to “Ship From Stock”. The shipping options we offered reflected that philosophy. However, the Covid–19 business environment has made that goal impractical. Consequently, we have changed to a “Build To Ship” philosophy, meaning that not all products will be immediately available for shipment. Please email us through the website (click here) if you have any questions or concerns as to when a product will ship.

Boling Engineering Associates is a USA family–owned and –operated business, begun in 1979. Our products have come as a result of seeing a problem that needed solving and building the solution to that problem. The hallmark of our company is personal service with integrity.


Shot Clock / Timer System

Low–cost game show buzzer systems. Ideal for corporate training games, academic learning games, Bible drills and activities such as Family Feud and Jeopardy.

For timing events and games. The large bright digits are clearly visible from a considerable distance.


Shot Clock / Timer System

Shot Clock / Timer Systems

Universal Scorekeeper System.
Keep your audience and contestants up to date with this easy to use, easy to see system.

KlaxonAmp Horns and Sirens

"Buzz" Bell Box

Battery Tester

KlaxonAmp Horns–n–Sirens.
An economical way to provide a variety of warning sounds for different applications.

"Buzz" Bell Box
Add some "kick" to right and wrong contest answers.

Battery Testers
Put an end to throwing batteries away too soon or having them go dead when you need them most.